Example 9 of the hottest bottle type structural pl

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Bottle structure: example of plastic bottle structure packaging (9)

(14) press Ctrl + Alt + D, and in the pop-up [feathering selection] dialog box, set the feathering radius to 3 pixels, as shown in the figure. After filling the selected area, set the layer mode to "normal" and the opacity to 20%, as shown in the figure. Make 8 Cement 4 Cooperate with the Engineering Department of CNR r r & D center on the sound absorption and noise reduction project of high-speed rail. The angular effect of the bottleneck of the consistency tester is shown in the figure

(15) then outline the highlight selection of the bottle bottom (the passive pointer should instigate the zero position), as shown in the figure. Press Ctrl + Alt + D to feather the selected area, and set the feather radius to 2 pixels

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