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An example analysis of equipment transformation in the packaging workshop of a brewery

(Tsingtao beer (Rongcheng) Co., Ltd. Shandong Rongcheng 264300) Tsingtao beer (Rongcheng) Co., Ltd. has three packaging lines, including 20000 bottles/hour packaging lines purchased in 1993, 10000 bottles/hour packaging lines purchased in 1995, and 30000 bottles/hour packaging lines purchased in 2001. In recent years, Tsingtao beer (Rongcheng) company has carried out a series of technical transformation on the basis of the original equipment, which has greatly improved the work efficiency and reduced the production cost. Now we summarize our practice as follows:

1 reuse the lye of the bottle washing machine

in the past, the lye in the alkali II Tank of the bottle washing machine was discharged after being used once.

Gallen explained the key point of relying on Engel's technology and expertise. After observation and inspection, beer (Rongcheng) company found that the lye used once still had a high concentration of caustic soda, so it connected the alkali II Tank with the alkali I tank, The alkali liquor from alkali II tank is recycled to alkali I tank for use, which reduces the amount of caustic soda added to alkali I tank in 2019 and the amount of steam used. The annual cost of caustic soda is saved by 10000 yuan, and the steam value is 60000 yuan

2 recycle bottle washing water and sterilizing water

in view of the phenomenon that the bottle washing water of the bottle washing machine and the sterilizing water of the sterilizing machine are discharged in vain, the packaging workshop has installed two 0.5m3 spray tanks on the chain between the bottle washing machine and the upper bottle line in the basement, and scientifically use the terrain difference between the bottle washing machine and the upper bottle line in the basement to automatically flow the waste water discharged from the bottle washing machine and the sterilizing machine into the spray tank, spray and pre wash the wine bottles, and improve the cleaning rate

the stepping hydraulic system of the sterilizer makes it difficult to start up because of the low temperature in winter. Therefore, the packaging workshop directly uses the hot water discharged from the sterilizer to introduce the hot water of the sterilizer around the hydraulic oil tank for preheating, which solves the problem of hydraulic oil thickening, and the starting time can be reduced by 1 hour once a day

3 plastic packaging machine without backing plate and power-saving transformation

in 2003, Tsingtao beer (Rongcheng) company implemented the relevant provisions of the state to cancel the binding of beer, and purchased a heat shrinkable but it can't be said that there is no way to film packaging machine. (Rongcheng) company found in the installation process that plastic packaging wine can meet the packaging quality requirements without using backing plate, so under the guidance of plastic packaging manufacturers, careful calculation and many tests were carried out, Using thick heat shrinkable film, the transformation of heat shrinkable film beer without backing plate packaging was successfully completed. The cost of backing plate per package was saved by 0.09 yuan, and the annual cost was reduced by more than 300000 yuan

in the process of using the plastic packaging machine, the company found that the heat shrinkable film shrinks too tightly and wrinkles seriously, which affects the appearance quality and also leads to high power consumption. Therefore, the air duct and blowing device of the plastic packaging machine were transformed. On the premise of ensuring the packaging quality, the heating temperature of the heat shrinkable film was reduced, and 1000 liters of alcohol saved 0.6 degrees of electricity, which can save more than 20000 degrees of electricity per year and reduce the cost by 15000 yuan

4 the two old packaging lines are "combined into one" transformation

the 10000 bottle packaging line and 20000 bottle packaging line in the packaging workshop are idle for a long time due to their long service life and aging of some equipment. In view of the increasing sales of 500ml and 330ml beer in the market, the company decided to "optimize the combination and combine the two into one" transformation of the bottle washing machine, canning machine, sterilization machine and labeling machine on the two packaging lines, which is specially used for the production of 500ml and 330ml beer. Due to the small volume of 500ml and 330ml wine bottles, they only account for half of the capacity of the sterilizer, and nearly half of the steam and tap water in production are wasted. The technical transformation personnel found in the process of tackling key problems and participating in the development of medical technology with minimally invasive surgery and implantation that small bottles of wine were orderly arranged on one side after entering the sterilizer from the canning machine chain, so the water inlet of the spray pipe on the side without wine was blocked, and only the side with wine was sprayed during sterilization, achieving the goal of saving water and steam consumption. Through the "optimization and assembly" transformation of two idle production lines, the company revitalized the stock assets and met the market demand for special-shaped bottles of beer. In the merger and transformation of the two packaging lines, in view of the fact that the enterprise has no pre washing facilities for old bottles, the company "connects" the bottle washing machines of the two lines together, and directly uses the pre washed old bottles in the production of the packaging line, greatly reducing the cost of pre washing old bottles

Wang Zhihua, Xing Chuanyang

Shandong Food Fermentation - phase 2, 2005

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