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Repeat the example analysis of basic shape Logo Design II

that is, how much pressure the test object can bear before it deforms or breaks

2) compact structure

logo design is an art between square inches. It wants to create complete and beautiful graphics in a limited plane, but also easy to identify, unique and accurate transmission of the internal information content of the enterprise or institution. This requires the designer to fully consider the comprehensive factors of the logo in the design, weigh and compare repeatedly in the composition, simplify, and avoid irregular combination and arrangement, which leads to the cumbersome burden of logo design. The compact design can form a full and complete visual effect of warming up the international market, giving people a capable and rigorous impression. Signs designed with repeated basic shapes often use simple basic shapes, which form a visual center of gravity with a central point on the arrangement and combination of basic shapes, and use a compact structure to convey the image and content of signs

the logo of Italian Edison has undergone a process of redesign with the reform of the enterprise. Compared with the old logo, the new logo (Figure 7) takes montevision as the center, and four repeated arrows on the periphery symbolize four departments, expressing the idea of overall directional flight. In the sign composed of four arrows, the middle position just forms a blank arrow shape. The interesting arrangement of the repeated basic shape forms this arrow. The contrast of black and white makes this white arrow the visual center, which adds interest and visibility to the design. The overall design structure of the logo is rigorous, accurately expressing the professionalism of all departments of the company to work together and strive together, and establishing a good corporate image for the company

3) pay attention to balance

balance gives people a stable and down-to-earth psychological feeling. The sense of balance is an indispensable feeling in human physiology and vision. Our vision is used to the sense of balance brought by symmetry. For example, the human body structure is symmetrical from the position distribution of five senses to the trunk and limbs. Most of the growth structures of other animals, such as butterflies and goldfish, are also symmetrical. Symmetrical form can achieve the balance of force in function and make people feel complete visually. In the design of repeated basic shapes, there are many examples of breaking the symmetrical balance. This is because the symmetry is too complete and lack of change. Human vision does not meet the completely rigid form, but requires development, progress and change. Repeating the basic shape can extrude the current drop of 5%~10%, and reconfigure and adjust its weight according to the center of gravity of the force, so as to achieve the effect of balance, which can be represented by the balance diagram of force (Fig. 8). The repeated basic form changes on the basis of maintaining the overall balance, which is more varied than the completely symmetrical form

the logo of wagol (Figure 9) was born in 1949. Wacoal has a high brand image and authority, and has a high reputation in the manufacture and sales of women's underwear. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company, "Wagoner" redefined its business philosophy and objectives and redesigned the company logo. The new logo is composed of two capital letters "V" that are transformed into the company's initials "W". In order to avoid the monotony of combination, one of the letters "V" is mirrored, and the arrangement and combination are interspersed with each other. The logo is like a flying bird, full of youth and vitality. The simple and lively image shows a stable and balanced beauty

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