Example 12 of troubleshooting of the hottest Lenov

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Lenovo laser printer troubleshooting example (XII)

fault XII. The indicator light is not on

fault phenomenon: Lenovo lj2 is not affected by load changes. 210p laser printer does not print after the new machine is online, and all indicators are not on


fault analysis: the causes of this fault are: 1. There is a problem in the power supply; 2. Whether all protective objects in the machine have been removed due to the restriction of oil source flow and host structure; 3. Whether the interface cable between the computer and the printer is in good contact; 4. There is a lack of paper, paper jam or powder in the machine; 6. There is a problem with the photosensitive drum and toner box; 6. The temperature in the printer is too high

troubleshooting method: first, check that the power plug has been inserted into the power socket, the power switch is normal, and check that the cable is well connected and all protective objects have been removed by the roller stripping test. However, it is found that the ready indicator light flashes quickly, indicating that the temperature in the printer is too high and needs to be cooled. Open the top cover of the printer to reduce the temperature in the printer, and then turn on the printer for printing and troubleshooting

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