If the size of the part changes, the expression is

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If the part size changes, use the expression to automatically reposition the equally spaced holes

there is a panel with holes equally spaced along the edge. When the part size changes, we can use the function of expression and reference array to reposition accurately and automatically

for example, the choice of your fixture is very important to the electronic universal testing machine! To create 18 holes at equal intervals along a 600 mm long edge, the distance from the center of the first and last holes to the edge is 12.5 mm

1. Select tools ex, as the name suggests, pressure... And create the expression as shown in the figure: n; width; edge _ dist; space; length; thick; d。

2. Establish the first/last simple through hole as shown in the figure: diameter =d; Distance from hole center to edge (YC direction) = edge_ Dist East Light Company makes full use of the technological advantages of national high-tech enterprises

3. Use the first simple hole to establish a rectangular array (along the YC direction): the array parameters are shown in the figure

4. Select OK to create equally spaced holes as shown in the figure

dispensing manufacturing mode 5 Change the width (width=700); Number of holes (n=12); Edge distance (edge _dist=15), the model is automatically updated, as shown in the figure

figure establish variable expression

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