If you don't have a strategy, don't talk about pai

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If you don't have a strategy, don't talk about paint brands

if you don't have a strategy, don't talk about paint brands

April 09, 2015

[China paint information] I've been thinking about a question: why do some industrial enterprises start to make brands with enthusiasm, but ultimately they don't have the will to implement and implement the brand strategy well? Why is it that when you are a brand, you are enthusiastic and confident at first, but then you end up in a hurry? I originally thought that this problem was due to entrepreneurs' lack of brand awareness, short-sightedness, budget constraints, staffing constraints and other reasons. Now it seems that these are one of the reasons, but I also missed the more important reason: they often have no strategy

there is no strategy, so what you see is the superficial value of the brand, what you experience is the superficial function of the brand, and you can't see the engagement between the brand and strategy and the strong boost to the strategy, let alone the durability and arduousness of the brand war. In fact, whether an enterprise has a strategy or not is a completely different realm. We can't overestimate the great difference in the results

"encircling the city from the countryside" was once ridiculed as nonsense by the representatives of the Communist International, that is, they did not see the great strategy behind this idea. The "protracted war" was regarded as a sign of national subjugation by the radical Anti Japanese elements and capitulationists, also because they could not see the "protracted war" "The great strategy contained in the thought.

not all industrial products enterprises have strategies, and most enterprises just live. Where am I? Where am I going? Or a blank face. When the economic situation is good, all problems are covered up, and every enterprise seems to be flying red. When encountering the current weak market trend, it is bursts of helplessness and sigh of the experimental space of the experimental machine.

at this time, many industrial products enterprises are struggling We are all trying to break through when we are looking for a straw. The tide of anti-corruption makes relationship marketing from no longer popular, so this trick doesn't work well; Counterfeiting, piracy and poaching have turned technology research and development into a huge black hole, so they look forward and backward and dare not take action; Network and e-commerce seem beautiful, but they are always separated from the industrial attributes of industrial products, so they can only sigh with admiration

what should I do? Many industrial entrepreneurs have their eyes on brands. Yes, brand value is a gold mine that has not been developed by industrial enterprises, which is shiny and attractive. So, everyone rushed to try their best to catch this straw. Unexpectedly, this seemingly attractive gold mine, dug down with a few shovels, did not dig out the heart palpitating dog head gold. Disappointed, he threw down his armor and swarmed back

this is the helplessness of brand building of many industrial products enterprises at present - excitement in the first half and fading in the second half. Strategy is the direction of an enterprise. With strategy, we have a goal in war. With a map in the March, we know how to use the brand weapon if it is also a good thing to boast in front of our friends. Brand is like armor, which drives the explosive growth of power battery demand. Armor and weapons. Only warriors who know the target know how to use and cherish them, and also know how to build stronger weapons that are more suitable for them

for industrial products enterprises without strategy, they don't know where they are going? How do I get there? Therefore, I can't understand the deep value of the brand, and I don't know how the brand helps me achieve my goals step by step. Like a blind warrior, he doesn't know which position to occupy and which weapon to use. Look at which is good, but feel that which is not good. Grab at will and abandon at will. In the end, it's like a blind bear breaking corn, walking all the way, picking all the way, and losing all the way. Finally, I was empty handed, only lamenting

knowing how to build a brand and tap value is a craft job that ordinary people really can't do. Knowing that the company will build a new LEGO sustainable development material center in its headquarters, how to make the brand match its own corporate strategy and accompany it all the way without giving up the wind and rain is also something that ordinary entrepreneurs can't do

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