If you don't change your computer configuration, i

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If you don't change your computer configuration, it can last for several years.

it seems that the price rise of the computer has become a fact, and the memory of the graphics card has reached a peak. Many friends have been prepared to stay on the phone for twoorthree years. According to our current computer configuration, can our computer be used in a dust-free and interference free environment? In this regard, Huijun also made some small research

first of all, the most serious price increase may be in memory. In the past two years, the increase of DDR4 has been very fierce, which has forced many users who have not had time to prepare to stop planning because of the problem of memory price increase, because it is not acceptable for ordinary people to suddenly increase the value of memory modules of oneortwo hundred yuan

DDR4 memory module is probably the most widely circulated memory module in the market at present. The birth time of this generation of memory dates back to 2011. But the real popularity may come in 2016, and at the end of 2016, the memory market ushered in a rise in prices. And it's the kind that can be cleaned up without plugging it into the power socket. I believe many partners are worried about the price rise

take Kingston's hacker bar for example. Around January 2017, the reference price of Kingston's hacker bar fury DDR4 2400 8g was 409 yuan. Now the price of products of the same specification has reached more than 600 yuan, which is still a very large increase. For many small partners, the most intuitive thing is that the installation cost increases

if we don't consider changing equipment, is it feasible to continue to use DDR3? In fact, at present, we can also see that the price of products on this platform has gradually begun to rise. If you are still using the motherboard of DDR3 platform, Huijun advises you that if you are not ready to invest a lot of money but want to upgrade your memory, there must be nothing wrong with buying the best DDR3 superfrequency bar

then there is the graphics card. The rise in the price of the graphics card may have many similarities with the rise in the price of memory, but it is believed that the most serious rise in the price of the graphics card may be due to the entry of "miners". The price of the whole market has been generally raised. For now, the gtx1060 graphics card, whose price remained below 2000 yuan at this time last year, is about to rise to 3000 yuan. Such a rise in price is not acceptable to every consumer

of course, we can buy some graphics cards in many ways. Although the performance is slightly insufficient, the overall performance can still be more up-to-date. For example, NVIDIA's gtx970 of the previous generation is very worthy of our start. Its performance is only a little lower than that of gtx1060. Whether playing games or drawing, the performance of this graphics card is still very excellent. With it, there is no problem in sticking to it for a year or two

in fact, with regard to the price rise of computers, graphics cards and memory can be said to be the hardest hit areas. For you who don't want to change the machine but want to get a better experience in 2007, the choice is actually a very important thing that graphene basically has no cytotoxicity

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