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Low carbon economy boosts unsaturated polyester resin industry Wang Xujiang, chairman of China UPR (unsaturated polyester resin) Industry Association, said recently that the impact of the current global low-carbon economy on various industries and the gradual introduction of low-carbon standards with energy quotas as the content have greatly promoted the demand for low-cost, low-energy, multi-functional light structural FRP, and promoted the great development of the industry

it is understood that unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) is the largest variety of thermosetting resin in China, and it is also the matrix resin with the largest amount of fiberglass, artificial stone and handicrafts in China. From 2001 to now, UPR has continued to grow, from 500000 tons in that year to 1.68 million tons in 2012, an increase of 3.36 times in 12 years

the main application industries of UPR in China are FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic composite) market, artificial stone and handicraft market, gel coat and coating market. In the FRP industry, the application fields that continue to grow at present and in the future are: first, the urbanization construction starts, the transformation and expansion of water supply and drainage projects, urban sewage treatment, industrial circulating water, etc. drive large-diameter (1 ~ 4m) FRP pipes. Second, the development of marine economy drives the construction of marine engineering, including seawater desalination, offshore oil and gas fields, offshore wind power, nuclear power and other large-scale FRP anti-corrosion projects and large-diameter FRP pipelines. Third, high-speed rail and rail transit industry. The manufacturing technology of FRP parts for high-speed rail and urban rail transit in China has been very mature, and new product development has emerged in endlessly, forming a FRP industry group supporting high-speed rail and rail transit. Fourth, the lightweight project of special purpose vehicles. Special purpose vehicles include refrigerated trucks, passenger cars, container cars, etc. ultra lightweight new materials formed by FRP lightweight materials driving the width "3D" closed cell foam structure of B rectangular cross section at the clamping end will be widely used. Fifth, boat engineering. Luxury fiberglass yachts over 24m, border patrol boats, fiberglass fishing boats, etc. are key projects that need to be broken through urgently at present and in the future. Sixth, chemical storage tanks, pipelines and pressure resistant anti-corrosion pipelines are widely used in anti-corrosion and environmental protection projects. Seventh, energy-saving buildings. China's building energy consumption accounts for 27% of the country's total energy consumption. In terms of building energy conservation, FRP products include exterior wall decorative cladding, FRP window frames and FRP door panels. Eighth, wind power generation. In 2012, China's newly installed capacity of 10 is 18 million KW, which is estimated to be 9000 sets and 27000 blades according to the two megawatt complete machine. Each blade weighs 7 tons, which is 189000 tons of FRP. With the head cover, the rough estimate is more than 200000 tons of FRP, and the consumption of UPR will reach 40000 tons

Wang Xujiang said that in the artificial stone industry, due to the limitation of mining resources and the rise of processing costs, a large number of stone enterprises and decorative material enterprises have changed from natural stones to artificial stones. There are thousands of artificial stone enterprises in Yunfu, Guangdong, Laizhou, Shandong and Nan'an, Fujian. The huge demand for artificial stones has become the second largest growth point of UPR at present and in the future. He estimated that 50kg of artificial stone kitchen cupboard (40kg under small deformation conditions) and toilet basin (8kg) assembled by domestic houses one by one would be needed, and the resin consumption would be 10%. Therefore, the consumption of residential construction in the promotion of urbanization would be considerable

coating and gel coat are the third application field of UPR. Unsaturated polyester resin is used as the top coat of piano, violin, zither and other Chinese and Western high-end musical instruments because of its thick paint film, good air dryness, high hardness and crystal clear after polishing, with a total national volume of no more than 10000 tons. In recent years, UPR coating has been widely used in stone, wood-based panel and decorative panel finish, with a total amount of nearly 100000 tons

Zhao Honghan, member of the scientific and Technological Development and Advisory Committee of the China composite society, pointed out that at present, the weight of the new door pedals to be displayed at Chinaplas 2018 International Rubber and plastic exhibition has been reduced by more than 40% in the fields of luxury fiberglass yachts with a height of more than 4m, military fiberglass speedboats, offshore 5 MW, 6 MW, 60 ~ 75m fan blades, high-pressure pipes and large-diameter fiberglass pipes, and new energy vehicles, It puts forward requirements for the performance of UPR. At present, UPR used in these fields is mostly provided by foreign-funded enterprises

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state listed high-performance glass fiber and resin matrix composites as one of the guidelines and priorities for the development of new materials. Therefore, the resin industry should face up to the current situation and speed up the adjustment to meet the new demand for resin of high-performance FRP composites

Zhao Honghan stressed that environmental protection, energy conservation and green production are standardizing the improvement of FRP molding process. The closed mold vacuum pouring molding process is clean, environment-friendly, energy-saving and material saving, which has become an inevitable choice to eliminate the open hand paste process. According to rough statistics, tens of thousands of tons of resin were saved in the whole year after one third of domestic hand paste enterprises improved their processes. In addition, the closed cell structure foam and light wood are integrated into the FRP Sandwich structure design, which not only improves the impact performance and ultra lightweight of products, but also greatly saves resin and glass fiber raw materials. China's UPR industry should adapt to keep up with the global and domestic situation of continuous reform and opening up. In addition to meeting the environmental protection and green requirements in the discharge and treatment of waste gas and wastewater, UPR should also focus on innovation and improvement in the automation and intelligence of equipment

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