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Low carbon economy drives the development opportunities of relevant instrument and meter industries

the Dandong Municipal Party committee of China Democratic Progress Association believes that there is a trend of low carbon hardness test gradually replacing tensile test. The economy has brought significant development opportunities to relevant fields of the national economy. Especially in the instrument industry, new development opportunities will drive the rapid development of thermal energy measurement instruments, automatic control instruments, carbon and sulfur analysis instruments, thermal energy monitoring instruments, carbon and oxygen detection instruments, etc. Therefore, the development idea of Liaoning (Dandong) instrument industry base should actively focus on low-carbon economy

we should focus on the following projects to formulate long-term plans: first, the most comprehensive results of the output of thermal energy measuring instruments and thermal energy monitoring instruments. These products directly enter families, and their market prospects and market capacity are huge; The second is automatic control instruments, such as thermal power generation automatic control instruments, coalbed methane power generation automatic control instruments, intelligent electrical system instruments, motor energy-saving instruments, energy automatic control instruments, etc

according to preliminary statistics, the total market capacity of special instruments and meters around the above industries will exceed 100 billion yuan, which provides a broad market space for the development of instrument and meter industry in our city. This level of competition is based on a low-carbon economy. Therefore, market competition and industry reshuffle will be extremely fierce. In the foreseeable next two or three years, new instrumentation projects derived from the low-carbon economy will emerge in endlessly

the Dandong Municipal Committee of the China Democratic Development Association suggested that the development of household heat energy metering complete sets of instruments for heating should be emphasized. At present, our city has completely lagged behind the market demand in the production of thermal energy measuring instruments, which is contrary to the development planning of the instrument and meter industrial park. We hope that the relevant departments in the city can take positive measures to increase investment attraction in this regard, timely adjust the industrial planning, and speed up the production, research, development and manufacturing of thermal energy measuring instruments and related products

at the same time, we should make good use of existing policies and speed up the pace of joint venture of high-end products. In the previous stage, Dandong launched the "preferential policy for Liaoning (Dandong) instrument industry base" at home and abroad. From the strength of the preferential policy, it should be said that it is the most influential policy for the development of an industry in the past 30 years of reform and opening-up in Dandong that the investment in industry research and development is relatively high. Whether Dandong's instrument industry can stand out from the tight encirclement and achieve unconventional development in the fierce market competition, it is not enough to only have preferential policies. The key is to make breakthroughs in several aspects: first, we should first layout around the development direction of household metering complete sets of instruments for urban heating and heat energy, and make full use of the relevant policies issued by the Ministry of construction, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, etc., to expand and strengthen from point to area; Second, we should strive to introduce the leading European thermal energy flow meter manufacturing company to settle in Dandong as soon as possible, and we can also adopt joint venture, cooperation and outsourcing methods to jointly produce and manufacture; Third, as an emerging industry, we need not only the advanced technology of Europe, but also the scientific management of European companies, especially the product quality assurance system; Fourth, the thermal energy measuring instrument industry is an important industry related to China's heating system reform, building energy conservation and low-carbon economy. It has tens of billions of development space, and is also a new hot industry for sustainable development. The understanding of a high starting point helps us find business opportunities in our work

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