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Low gram weight base paper and low temperature tile line operation

tile line operation usually consumes a lot of energy for steam generation. According to different production speed, new and old degree, operation time and fuel price, the annual energy cost ranges from 250000 US dollars to 750000 US dollars. Unfortunately, the technology and processing technology used by most of the glue applicators of tile lines in operation are outdated. Although many modern modifications have been made to these equipment over the years, the main design and functions have not changed much. According to the new and old degree of the glue dispenser, it is not uncommon to apply glue 1.5 to 3 times. Although operators tend to use as little paste as possible, most old machines cannot be adjusted. If the amount of paste is reduced, it is likely that a little paste will not be coated

a popular idea is that the more the paste is used, the stronger the bonding strength is. In fact, this is not correct. Excessive paste will not only increase the heat required for drying, but also cause many problems. Many tile wire bonding machines work at maximum power. If it is possible to reduce the amount of paste without affecting the strength of the paperboard, the final result is that less heat is required for drying. If reducing the amount of paste is good for enhancing the strength and quality of paperboard, such a win-win choice will benefit the tile line operation

in order to achieve this goal, the operator should make the sizing more uniform. The ideal state is to only apply the sizing in the center of the ridge tip. One way to achieve this effect is to use thin film meter (tfmtm) technology. TFM system can accurately reduce the thickness of paste film to less than 0.01mm. This eliminates the splashing and waste of paste, reduces the amount of paste, and enhances the bonding strength

in order to improve the performance of paperboard, Kohler coating, the manufacturer of iso-bartm TFM gluing machine, estimates that if their new gluing unit is used, the tile line speed can be increased by about 40%, the amount of paste can be reduced by more than 25%, and the steam pressure in each steam chamber can be reduced by 50%~90%. Herb Kohler, chairman of Kohler coating company, said, "this is really of great significance. Due to the improved sizing accuracy on the tip and the reduced sizing gap, our sizing function greatly improves the performance of paperboard and reduces energy costs. In addition, through accurate sizing and accurate paste measurement, the corrugated can not be contacted on the single-sided machine, preventing the tip from collapsing."

the following table shows the actual production data of a carton enterprise using iso-bar - which shows that fuel consumption has been reduced by about 40%. According to the above data, the investment recovery period of this new and more accurate gluing equipment is about 12-14 months

due to the reduction of steam pressure on the laminating machine, the corrugated box production industry is moving towards "cooling" - less heat consumption means cost savings. In addition, the use of a "cold" laminating machine is also conducive to the production of paperboard with coated face paper. The common problem faced by many tile production lines is the foaming and delamination problems encountered in the processing of special tissue paper. With TFM system, due to the reduction of the amount of paste used, the less heat and steam are needed during the Polish friendship week in our city, and the blisters on the tissue paper can be avoided as much as possible

kohler's solution

it has been proved that the iso-bar TFM system eliminates excessive paste application, reduces the amount of paste by at least 30%, applies only the paste that can achieve sufficient bonding strength to the corrugated, and can reduce or avoid the collapse of the tip during gluing. This makes it possible to use low gram weight paper and core paper while ensuring the pin and ect values. In paper alone, the annual cost savings are considerable

tfm can also allow to increase the content of solid particles in the paste, which can transfer 40% less water to the paperboard than the conventional system. Therefore, it only needs less energy and time than in the past to eliminate excessive water. Thus, the fuel consumption is greatly reduced, while the running speed is significantly improved

moisture Bazhou, Enyang, Nanjiang, Tongjiang, Pingchang and Xingwen (Bazhong Economic Development Zone) in our city are all included in it. Too high content is one of the great enemies of paperboard quality. Installing iso-bar TFM on the tile line reduces the moisture content in the paperboard that attaches importance to the improvement of quality, and can produce a smoother paperboard than traditional equipment. The advantages of this system can be reflected in the whole production process: the warpage of paperboard is reduced; The wrinkle phenomenon of the paper feeding part is reduced; The operation of downstream equipment is smoother and faster; The accuracy of printing and die cutting has been enhanced. The produced cardboard is smoother. Cardboard without washing board can provide a very good printing surface

with TFM system, no matter how the running speed changes, the operator can always maintain the accurate thickness of paste film and the condition of glue roller in the whole processing width. Kohler's patented pressure gap control system ensures continuous pressure on the corrugated regardless of the running speed, the size of the corrugated and the width of the paper. The operator only needs to input the ridge type into the control system, which is as simple as operating the contact rod

iso-bar TFM control system makes it easy to adjust and maintain the thickness and weight of paste. Even if the machine runs fast, it can accurately apply glue. Through the touch screen control panel, the operator can easily and accurately adjust with charts and user-friendly interface

the paste thickness can be adjusted between 0.0025mm. It is also easy to set and adjust the weight of the applied paste. The operator only needs to change the speed of the rubber roller through the touch screen

other adjustments

tfm gluing machine has other characteristics besides being very suitable for processing low gram weight base paper. For example, after the operation speed of the machine is accelerated, with an accurate paste application metering system, the deviation of the paper web needs to be controlled within the minimum range of the market. In order to solve this problem, we need a web adjustment roller system. The less deviation of the paper web from the single-sided machine to the double-sided machine, the less waste of trimming

Kohler concluded, "European carton manufacturers - and more and more American carton manufacturers - are looking for the best low gram weight packaging solution, which has become their standard for producing flat paperboard. The use of low gram weight face paper and core paper has put pressure on manufacturers, and TFM system can enable equipment to produce at the fastest speed and reduce energy consumption and waste, including tile lines and processing equipment."

reprinted from: Global corrugated industry

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