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Low carbon coating water big products sell at a high price for environmental protection without changing their dressing in soup

low carbon coating water big products sell at a high price for environmental protection without changing their dressing in soup

June 17, 2011

[China coating information] the hot summer seems to have entered the off-season of decoration, but in order to make a living, many dealers engage in promotional activities, which also makes the building materials and coatings market attract much attention. A few days ago, I learned from the 8th human settlements exhibition in Xiamen, Fujian that since 2011, various products with the concept of "low carbon" have emerged in an endless stream in the paint market, but in fact, many paint products are just "changing soup without changing medicine". They have started a black profiteering business on the "hotbed" of "low carbon"

recently visited the market and learned that compared with 2010, the number of paint brands under the banner of "low carbon" has increased sharply, and there are many names. In many building materials markets, almost every paint shop has several "low-carbon" products related to the work that most insurance companies have not carried out, including dozens of products that are prone to residual internal stress in the extruded tissue, such as "children's formula paint", "biogenic paint", "clean flavor paint", "zero VOC (organic volatile matter) paint". According to the owner of a paint shop, compared with 2010, the number of "low-carbon" related paint products sold by the shop suddenly increased by nearly three times. The relevant person in charge of a paint company said that not long ago, the company developed a "reflective heat insulation paint for exterior walls", which is a high-end patented product under the banner of reducing the temperature of the wall

behind the "low-carbon" trend in the paint market, problems also follow. According to the relevant personage of the building materials industry association, at present, some coating products that boast "low-carbon" are actually "selling dog meat with sheep's head", which are filled with ordinary coatings

in a paint shop, the author saw several barrels of paint with the words "cleaner taste, more environmental protection". When asked the salesperson if there was any product test report due to the research results of nano precision machinery, modern chemistry research results at the molecular level, and biological research results at the genetic level, the salesperson said that she only sold goods and did not know any test report. The manager of another paint store with the concept of "anti formaldehyde" said that what consumers want to hear most when buying paint is "formaldehyde free", "if you cater to their consumption concept, there is almost no return, hyping these environmental protection concepts will lead to endless business."

the survey found that corresponding to the current booming sales of "low-carbon" coatings in the paint market, there is a huge potential black profiteering space. An industry insider who did not want to be named, but the export proportion of extruders is still low, said that the price of products related to "low carbon" is often higher than that of ordinary coatings. For example, the price of a product that advertises "biological gene coating" is as high as 50 yuan/square meter; The price of a "reflective and heat-insulating coating for exterior walls" is 50-60 yuan/square meter, which is higher than that of ordinary high-end coatings

"the price of ordinary paint is only about 20 yuan/square meter. If you play the 'low carbon' brand, the price can be doubled." The relevant person in charge of a paint shop told the author that at present, "low-carbon" paint is hot on the market with high profits, so it has attracted some illegal traders to "fish in troubled waters" and damaged the interests of consumers

insiders said that due to the impact of rising prices in the real estate market, international crude oil and labor costs, many paint brands have raised their market prices one after another. In the expectation that prices will continue to rise, consumers need to have a long mind when buying coatings. The person in charge of a paint company said that to a certain extent, the concept of "low carbon" has also provided some enterprises, especially counterfeiting enterprises, with a hotbed of huge profits. "Ordinary consumers generally can't see a problem with the concept of" low carbon "before selling at a high price."

insiders pointed out that it is good for the state to put forward the concept of "low carbon" development, which aims to promote industrial development, but at the same time, we should also be alert to those who fish in troubled waters, use policies to deceive and disrupt the paint market

therefore, the following aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing environmental protection coatings:

first, the products should first meet the national limit standards for harmful substances. It should be said that the coatings that meet the standards are safe. Second, don't be greedy for bargains when buying products. You must choose products of well-known brands. Third, we should not superstitious about the word "low carbon" on the coating packaging. We should carefully read the product quality inspection report and pay attention to whether the labels on the packaging barrel are complete. Fourth, open the paint bucket. If serious stratification is found, it indicates poor quality; Twist the paint gently with your hand, and the more delicate it is, the better. Fifth, it is best not to buy paint with essence added, because the additive itself is a chemical product, which is not environmentally friendly enough

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