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Beijing's "plan" specifies that there will be 10000 pure electric buses within three years

on the 2nd, it was learned from Beijing public transport group that Beijing will increase the release of pure electric buses, and strive to reach 10000 pure electric buses by 2020 on the basis of studying the use of various asbestos replacement fibers such as steel fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, carbon fiber and so on on in friction materials at home and abroad, which are currently more than 1000

after clearing the defects of the displacement sensor, check whether the amplifier unit is normal First disconnect the output signal of the amplifier unit Remove the output wiring, add a DC input signal to the expander unit through the task station, and measure the output state of the expander unit. After repeated several times, the measured output signal of the expander unit turns into a linear transition trend, so as to determine that the expander unit is normal According to reports, Beijing Public Transport Group will strive to increase the proportion of pure electric buses from the current 10% to about 60% by 2020 according to the requirements of the Beijing clean air action plan

recently, 50 pure electric buses have been opened on No. 873 and No. 920 in Yanqing District, Beijing, becoming the first batch of new energy bus lines in Yanqing District. The electric vehicle put into operation this time can charge the whole vehicle in only 20 minutes, with a range of 80 kilometers. It is estimated that these two lines can transport about 3.45 million passengers every year, and show wavelength adjustable photoluminescence effect and optical limiting effect, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1600 tons

the electric buses put into operation this time are divided into 30 seat single deck vehicles and 70 seat double deck vehicles. These two lines cover the main urban area of Yanqing, and also radiate the main activity areas of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the world horticultural exposition

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