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Low carbon and environmental protection may affect the domestic printing consumables market

in 2012, although the development of the Chinese market is more rapid and the demand growth is faster, the whole printing industry is in a downturn, involved in the vortex of price war, the technological upgrading is stagnant, and the position of the boss is challenged. In order to ensure the core competitiveness, many manufacturers have begun to save themselves. Some are eager to get rid of the burden and go to the battle light, while others choose to cooperate and look for the possibility of breaking through the difficulties by introducing new patented technologies

at the two sessions this year, many proposals are related to low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly life. Environmental protection experts have given high praise to the emergence of e-paper books and tablet computers. The implementation of paperless office can save 70% to 80% of office paper, thereby saving a lot of resources and reducing the corresponding pollution, and improving office efficiency. If offices, schools and enterprises across the country adopt electronic office, the annual consumption of paper will be reduced by more than 1million tons, and the energy consumed by papermaking will be saved by more than 1 million tons of standard coal. In the long run, new media will always replace traditional media. The concept of green environmental protection has been vigorously promoted in the whole society. In the future, the use of paper will be greatly reduced, the consumption of consumables will also shrink, and the whole industry may turn from high-speed growth to recession

however, this is a relatively slow process. The market development prospect is not so pessimistic. For manufacturers, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. In the future, it will be more and more difficult for big brands to compete. The market will be so large. The more people they share, the less they will eat. When the printing technology is mature, it is one aspect to reduce costs through splitting and merging. More importantly, it is still a technological breakthrough. Low-end products compete for prices and seize on-site foaming, but there are also shortcomings: foaming inducement time is short, and medium and high-end products should bid farewell to the single parameter competition, Taking advantage of research and development, we should improve work efficiency, information security, energy conservation and environmental protection, and emphasize the need to provide customers with comprehensive and optimized solutions, so as to ensure competitiveness and profit margin. Small and medium-sized brands are likely to face the choice of life and death. Realizing technology sharing through alliance, cooperation, exchange and other ways is a wonderful trick, which can significantly reduce development costs, take advantage of the advantage of turning around quickly, adapt to market changes, launch more targeted products, and lead the competition to the comprehensive competition of technology, channels and services

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