Beijing will add 1.2 billion cubic meters of natur

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Beijing will add 1.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas emergency reserve to ensure the supply of natural gas in the capital

electromechanical home learned that the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently disclosed that Beijing is building Tianjin Nangang LNG emergency reserve project. The emergency reserve capacity of the project is 1.2 billion cubic meters, and the maximum gasification export capacity is 60million cubic meters/day. It is expected that the first phase of the project will be completed in 2022

it is reported that the terminal of Tianjin Nangang LNG emergency reserve project is located in the south 2 of Tianjin Binhai New Area. It is a port industrial zone that continues to refine and issue relevant industrial support policies. The construction content of the project includes three departments: Wharf Engineering, LNG Terminal Engineering and export pipeline engineering. In recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their efforts to open up emerging markets for extruders. Among them, the export pipeline project starts from the initial LNG terminal in Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone, passes through Tianjin, Hebei Province and Beijing, and ends at the terminal station in the south of Daxing District. The total length of the pipeline is 224 kilometers, and the maximum amount of natural gas can be transported to Beijing every day is 60million cubic meters

the total investment of the project is 20.13 billion yuan. "Beijing actively communicates with relevant departments in Tianjin and Hebei Province to promote project approval in the whole chain." The person in charge said that the municipal development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau also secured a US $500million loan from the Asian infrastructure investment bank for the project construction

with this project, Beijing's natural gas emergency support capacity will be further improved. According to the relevant requirements of the construction of the national natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, the downstream enterprises shall undertake the due peak shaving of reserves, and the urban gas enterprises must meet the gas storage capacity of not less than 5% of the annual gas consumption

"as the country continues to promote air pollution control and clean heating in winter in northern China, as well as the in-depth implementation of the three-year action plan to win the blue sky defense war, Beijing has actively promoted the work of 'replacing coal with gas'. The demand for gas in winter has surged, the uneven use of gas has become more prominent, and the seasonal peak valley difference has further increased." The person in charge said that the completion of Tianjin Nangang LNG emergency reserve project will effectively ensure Beijing's natural gas emergency support capacity and further improve the safety level of gas use in the capital

help Beijing Tianjin Hebei natural gas interconnection

it is worth noting that this project takes the form of LNG reserves, which is not only a great opportunity for you to promote product trading in the beginning of the year. In this regard, the municipal development and Reform Commission explained that liquefied natural gas, which is easy to transport, safe, clean and efficient ----- Professor Li Haimei of the school of materials science and engineering of Zhengzhou University, is called LNG for short, and 1 cubic meter of LNG can be gasified into 625 cubic meters of natural gas. Whether it is used as civil fuel, automobile fuel or gas peak shaving, LNG has good economic benefits and market prospects. The convenience of transportation can also solve the problem of gas consumption in areas where natural gas pipelines cannot reach

in order to realize the peak shaving guarantee and continuous supply of LNG, the storage tanks are generally equipped with terminal and ship wharf, but Beijing does not have the conditions to build a wharf, so the project is selected to build in Tianjin

at the same time, the project construction will help to improve the "interconnection" ability of natural gas pipelines in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and the whole country. The export pipeline of Tianjin Nangang LNG emergency reserve project passes through Tianjin, Hebei and Beijing. The project is planned to be interconnected with multiple pipelines along the way, which is of great significance to realize "one national natural gas pipeline" and improve the natural gas supply capacity of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region

it is expected to send gas to Beijing from 2022

it is learned that the project adopts digital design, intelligent logistics warehousing, intelligent construction management and other measures, and finally realizes full life cycle management and full intelligent operation

"this project adopts the large-scale membrane tank technology for the first time in the world, and the monomer scale reaches 220000 cubic meters." The person in charge said that among the 10 LNG tanks newly built in the project, 8 were designed and built with membrane tank technology innovatively, which is the largest onshore membrane tank in China and even in the world. Compared with the traditional 9% nickel steel full capacity tank, the membrane tank overcomes the limitation of construction volume, and the effective tank capacity can be increased by 10% under the same appearance size. It has many advantages, such as saving steel, reducing weight, shortening construction period, saving cost and so on

according to the principle of "construction in the same period and production in stages", the project implements the natural gas emergency reserve capacity of 5% of the annual gas consumption of urban gas supply enterprises by stages, and is constructed in three phases: phase I is to build 1 LNG wharf, 4 storage tanks, supporting process facilities and export pipelines, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2022; Four storage tanks will be built in phase II, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2023; Phase III construction of two storage tanks is planned to be completed by the end of 2024

at present, the foundation treatment of the terminal in phase I of the project has been completed, 25% of the work quantity of phase I storage tank project has been completed, and the construction of phase II and III storage tank projects has also been started. The export pipeline project was started in August 2020, and nearly 10 kilometers of pipeline laying has been completed

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