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Low carbon and energy-saving sepiolite coating has become a new favorite of environmental protection home decoration

a seminar on the promotion and release of new low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection products sepiolite was held in Beijing recently. At the meeting, the China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Working Committee read out the "decision on Approving the establishment of a plastic material promotion base for Chinese sepiolite purification materials and indoor decorative materials in Xiangtan, Hunan Province. Plastic windows, doors, skeletons and even more key auto parts are being adopted"

how to control the pollution caused by interior decoration from the source has been a common concern for many years. The successful development of sepiolite coating with adsorption capacity gives a good answer to this problem from one aspect. This new coating mainly adopts sepiolite, a material with excellent adsorption function. Its main characteristics are: first, it is pollution-free; second, it can adsorb formaldehyde and other pollutants in the air; third, it can adjust air humidity; fourth, it has sound absorption and noise reduction effects

it is reported that more than 90% of China's sepiolite is distributed in Hunan, while more than 80% of Hunan's sepiolite resources are distributed in Xiangtan. The yangjiaqiao Shitan area in Xiangtan has the country's largest sepiolite mine, with a continuous 16 km ore belt, with proven reserves of 20million tons and prospective reserves of more than 30million tons. Because the overall grade of sepiolite raw ore in China is low and it is difficult to purify, sepiolite resources have been extensively used for a long time, and its value has not been fully developed and utilized

the following information of Hunan Huajie Baoling sepiolite Technology Co., Ltd. we know in detail that the company is currently the largest sepiolite production and processing enterprise in China, and the only enterprise engaged in the development of high-purity sepiolite series new products in China. Sepiolite purification and rewriting technology occupies a leading position in China. In recent years, through strengthening scientific research cooperation with colleges and universities, the company has successfully broken through the international technical bottleneck of large-scale production of enrichment and purification of low-grade sepiolite raw ore, and achieved large-scale production of high-purity sepiolite. In 2007, the company built the first domestic production line with an annual output of 5000 tons of high-purity sepiolite purification and modification products, This means that the sepiolite produced has formulated the new standard GB8624 (2) 006 "classification method for combustion performance of building materials", and the purity of the product has reached more than 90%, filling the technical gap of sepiolite purification and mass production in China. At this meeting, the company also signed a "letter of intent for cooperation on the supply framework of functional coating raw materials" with Qingdao Chuanshan new materials Co., Ltd

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