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Dayu, Jiangxi Province: low yield and inefficient forest "turned into" ecological landscape

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core tips: [China Packaging News] recently, 18000 plum blossoms such as Mei Mei Mei, Zhusha Mei, and green calyx plum in the plum blossom Grand View Garden in Dayu county have a faint fragrance floating, competing to bloom, attracting many tourists to take photos and enjoy

[China Packaging News] recently, In the plum blossom Grand View Garden in Dayu County, 18000 plum blossoms such as beauty plum, Zhusha plum and green calyx plum float and bloom, attracting many tourists to take photos and enjoy the scenery. In recent years, Dayu county has closely adhered to the goal of "ecological famous county", focusing on the construction of ecological projects and the transformation of Low-yield and inefficient forests, and made efforts to create a characteristic ecological landscape according to local conditions. At present, the county has planned 36 ecological landscape construction sites and 62 low yield and low efficiency forest transformation demonstration sites

the county has been monopolized by international giants such as German Henkel company, American Dow Corning company and American 3M company for a long time. Planning and design institutes and landscaping experts are invited to plan and design each construction site. Each construction site establishes its own positioning and construction theme, creates a characteristic landscape with characteristic seedlings, and builds a National Wetland Park, Peony Pavilion Cultural Park March 3 ecological park and other characteristic ecological landscapes. At the same time, the county has reasonably and effectively afforested the low-yield and inefficient forests along the main rural roads, along the rivers and around the scenic spots, and achieved "one scene at a time"

based on beautiful ecology and high efficiency, the county combines afforestation with landscaping. By planting high-quality landscape seedlings with tourism and economic value, such as plum trees, Ginkgo biloba, Osmanthus fragrans, etc., which can improve the forest appearance, it has created forest tourism landscapes such as plum blossom Grand View Garden, ginkgo base, osmanthus corridor with rich tree species and beautiful landscape. Since 2017, the county has completed the transformation of more than 50000 mu of low yield and low efficiency forests

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