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Tianjin Jinghai promotes the development and prosperity of printing and distribution industry the annual meeting of Jinghai County printing and distribution industry development promotion association was held in Ziya town recently. The meeting summarized the 10-year printing and distribution work of the county in the 20 game, highlighted the theme of strengthening communication and promoting development and prosperity, and deployed the work in 2010. 2 Partial rotation (generally used for butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and other valves that can be opened and closed by 90 degrees) and put forward hopes and requirements for further promoting the development and prosperity of the printing and distribution industry in the county

under the correct leadership of the county Party committee and the county government, and with the strong support of relevant departments of the county, Jinghai printing and distribution industry has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and formed a scale and characteristics. Especially in recent years, with the establishment of the printing and Distribution Association and the improvement of the regulatory system, the printing and distribution enterprises have closer and more frequent communication, which effectively promoted the exchange and cooperation between them in November and realized the healthy and rapid development of the printing and distribution industry. At present, there are 103 registered printing and distribution enterprises in the county, and more than 10 enterprises with certain operating strength and influence have a certain scale. They occupy a certain market in the printing and distribution industry in northern China, gradually forming an economic chain and industrial advantages, and driving the development and prosperity of the regional economy

the person in charge of the County Bureau of culture, radio and television, the members of the Council of the County printing and Distribution Association, and the responsible comrades of the Party committee and government of Ziya town attended the meeting

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