Tianjin Luosheng launched HIWIN silent linear slid

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Tianjin Luosheng launched a new HIWIN silent linear guideway Q1 series

hiwin Shangyin technology has newly developed a new product, which has solved the problems of high noise and frequent lubrication operation of the current linear guideway. At present, it has been put on the market and has been used in some fields. New and old customers who are concerned about the launch of this new product can contact Tianjin Luosheng Enterprise Co., Ltd., the general agent of HIWIN products in China, for consultation and ordering

hiwin linear slide new Q1 series product features:

1, equipped with patented ball coupling with oil storage function

2, high-speed function

3, reducing running noise

4, improving running smoothness

5, high lubrication efficiency

6, longer service life

application: it has a wide range of industrial applications and is more suitable for the electronic industry with high-speed, quiet and less dust

q1 series is different from the traditional linear guide rail:

★ low noise:

the design of the spacing part of the patented ball coupling can eliminate the mutual friction between balls, and HIWIN's patented design makes the ball and ball coupling ring. The experimental results are as follows: line contact can reduce the contact area between the two, thus effectively reducing the friction resistance, making Q1 series have excellent high-speed performance. In addition, the mutual friction between the ball and the ball disappears, which effectively reduces the high-frequency sound intensity. Compared with the old series products, the total noise intensity at each speed segment is effectively reduced by about 8 dB

★ improve the smoothness of movement

the traditional linear slide rail does not have a ball coupling. At the beginning of operation, the steel balls on the load side move first, and then push the steel balls in the direction rotating part and the no-load side, resulting in interlocking back and forth collision, making the friction fluctuate violently. However, Q1 series has ball coupling, which connects all the steel balls in the same cycle in series. When the slider starts moving, all the steel balls start almost at the same time, and there is no back and forth collision between the steel balls. Under a certain movement inertia, the change of friction resistance can be effectively reduced

★ even you can think of lubrication in this way. The patented ball coupling has oil storage space in the middle part, and the steel balls can provide lubrication during operation. When passing through the direction rotating part, the lubrication can be evenly added to the oil storage space to continue to evenly lubricate the steel balls of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. now the production of experimental machines has been years, so the frequency of lubricating oil can be effectively reduced

★ application of special materials

the ball coupling is made of high-performance special materials, which will not produce elongation or fracture in the reciprocating fatigue test, effectively meeting the customer's demand for product durability and expanding the temperature applicability of the linear slide rail

the greening of plastic packaging is not only reflected in the product itself

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