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Tianjin University of technology launches textile equipment and technology project recently, the national science and technology support plan "carbon fiber multi-layer angle online weaving equipment and technology" project undertaken by Tianjin University of technology as the team leader was officially launched in the University. This project will provide independent weaving equipment and technical process support for the development and large-scale production of high-performance carbon fiber composites in China

according to Professor jiangxiuming, the person in charge of the subject and vice president of Tianjin University of technology, the carbon fiber multi-layer weaving equipment and technology independently developed in this subject will break the blockade of western developed countries on China's carbon fiber reinforced composites and technology, and serve to improve the overall competitiveness of the country. Therefore, there is a certain difference between the tensile testing machine for high molecular polymers and the general tensile testing machine for material tensile properties. At the same time, it will help to realize the organic combination of multi-disciplinary, industry university research, and carry out beneficial exploration in the textile machinery industry in order to develop new extensibility

the implementation of this project can drive the development of upstream and downstream related industries. It can not only drive the development of upstream steel and electronic industries, but also drive the development of downstream fiber industry and resin industry; It can also reduce the product costs of downstream related industries such as aerospace, wind power blades, aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, military industry, construction and other high-tech fields, and promote and improve the product quality and market competitiveness of upstream and downstream related industries

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