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Relevant experts in the packaging industry have pointed out that the settlement of the Asian packaging center in China will bring capital, advanced technology and new ideas, improve the overall level of China's packaging industry, and promote China to move from a large packaging country to a powerful packaging country -

recently, the World Packaging Organization's leading group for the construction of the Asian Packaging Center made a decision to choose Hangzhou as the implementation city for the construction of the Asian packaging center. To this end, a world-wide large-scale project will start construction on the Bank of the Qiantang River

"sub packaging center" is a comprehensive functional industrial center authorized by the World Packaging Organization (WPO) and approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission, including headquarters and processing trade zone. With its advantages in packaging industry foundation, regional environment, scientific and technological level, preferential policies and so on, Hangzhou wins in a number of competitors. The Asian Packaging Center blooms in Hangzhou, which will make the packaging industry a new highlight of the city's economic development, a growth point of foreign exchange earnings from exports and a "bridgehead" for the introduction of foreign capital

what is more attractive is that important conferences and international institutions such as the 2006 World Packaging Conference, the World Packaging Organization Standards Technical Committee, and the headquarters of the Asian Packaging Federation may all settle in Hangzhou. It is understood that Hangzhou is working hard to formulate specific implementation plans, mobilize the strength of the whole society, attract domestic and foreign investment, build the Asian packaging center into an "aircraft carrier" of China's packaging industry, and play its leading role in the national and even Asian packaging industry

Recently, relevant experts pointed out that the settlement of the Asian packaging center in China will improve the overall level of China's packaging industry and promote China to move from a big packaging country to a powerful packaging country

it is reported that the world packaging launch group released the congestion time and road decoration organization during the festival, and also decided to hold the World Packaging Conference in China in 2006

Qiu Chunfu, President of TPU, rubber and other composite materials Association of China Packaging Technology Association, said at the Symposium on the development strategy of China's packaging industry held recently that after more than 20 years of development, China's packaging industry has become a new important growth point of the national economy, the output value of the packaging industry has exceeded 230billion yuan, and China is gradually becoming a big packaging country. The rapid development of China's packaging industry has attracted worldwide attention. Some multinational packaging companies are very optimistic about China's packaging market and have invested in China to set up factories

the head of the World Packaging Organization believes that it is time for the Asian packaging center to settle in China. After China's accession to the WTO, the construction of this center will greatly promote and demonstrate the development of the packaging industry in China, Asia and the world

Qiu Chunfu pointed out that the construction of Asian packaging center in China will promote China's packaging industry to accelerate structural adjustment and technological innovation, and gradually form a world-wide packaging industry center focusing on packaging manufacturing, integrating manufacturing, science and environmental protection, whose greatest advantages are still education, culture, finance, trade, information and services. At the same time, the center can also play a leading role in building China's green packaging industry system and become a model for the implementation of cleaner production and packaging waste recycling in the country

the construction of Asian packaging center has been supported and promoted by relevant national departments. Ouxinqian, deputy director of the State Economic and Trade Commission, said that we should fully understand the significance of building an Asian packaging center to promote the development of China's packaging industry. Relevant parties should seize the opportunity, organize the construction and operation of this center with new ideas and methods, and use its functions to gather domestic and foreign packaging enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, realize the integration of science, industry and trade, industry, University and research, and form a comprehensive packaging industry Electromechanical power: ≤ 1kW, combined with industrial base and R & D base, guide domestic and foreign capital investment, cultivate packaging talents, develop advanced technology, and promote China's packaging industry to a new level

over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has been increasing at an average annual growth rate of more than 18%. By 2001, the output value had reached 237.6 billion yuan, ranking 15th among the 40 industries of the national economy

according to the information provided by China Packaging Technology Association, the gap between the overall level of China's packaging industry and developed countries is narrowing. We can produce most of the internationally used packaging equipment, packaging materials and packaging products. The packaging industry has developed from a decentralized auxiliary industry to an independent and relatively complete industrial system. On the whole, China is becoming a big packaging country

according to incomplete statistics of packaging enterprises above the county level, China's packaging enterprises have grown to more than 20000, creating more than 3 million jobs. In some places, the packaging industry has become a local pillar industry, and the enterprise scale, equipment level and product quality are close to the international level. Statistics show that there are more than 400 packaging enterprises above Designated Size in Hangzhou, with a total industrial output value of nearly 10billion yuan. Among the 163 leading Chinese packaging enterprises announced by the China Packaging Technology Association, Hangzhou has 11, ranking first in the country. Among the five national packaging bases, Hangzhou occupies three seats

Jiangsu is not inferior. The riverside economic belt from Suzhou to Nanjing accounted for 1/6 of the total sales of the national packaging industry last year. Among them, Jiangyin achieved 4.2 billion yuan of operating income from the packaging industry, accounting for 1/10 of Jiangsu Province, with the highest density. At present, Jiangsu is accelerating the development of this economic belt along the river, and Jiangyin is at the center of this economic belt

there are 580 various packaging and printing enterprises in Zhongshan, including many well-known packaging and printing enterprises at home and abroad, such as French xibor plastic packaging, Singapore AMCO flexible packaging, SAP plastic packaging, etc. The output value of packaging and printing industry in Zhongshan City reached 15.2 billion yuan in 2001 and 8 billion yuan in 2002

at present, a large number of printing projects are under preparation and negotiation. The construction of the phase II packaging and printing industrial park covering an area of 2800 Mu is also being stepped up. The infrastructure construction can be completed in the near future, and an expansion area of 5000 mu will be opened

it is reported that in recent years, large foreign packaging enterprises have entered the Chinese market. For example, Tetra Pak of Sweden, international paper of the United States, ACI of Australia, Saint Gobain of France and United paper of Japan have all invested and set up factories in China, which has accelerated the pace of integrating China's packaging industry with the international packaging industry

although China is a big packaging country, it is still far from a powerful packaging country. The outstanding problems are: most of China's packaging enterprises are small-scale and low industrial concentration; The main high-tech packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are heavily dependent on imports; The cost of packaging products is high; Serious shortage of packaging management and technical personnel; The macro management of packaging production needs to be strengthened

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