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The rapid development of packaging industry -- plastic packaging

China's plastic packaging industry has become one of the fastest growing fields in China's plastic industry. In 2003, the output of plastic packaging reached 4.65 million tons. When necessary, the protection and disposal ratio during this period increased by 14.2%, and the output value reached 70 billion yuan, accounting for 26% of the output value of China's packaging industry

liaozhengpin, chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, made the above disclosure at the launching ceremony of "DuPont China Packaging Award" today

he said that the equipment level of China's plastic packaging industry has been continuously developed and improved, and the multi-layer coextrusion technology has been widely used, effectively improving the product structure and performance of functional films, and solving the problem of solvent residue in the dry composite industry; A number of new products, technologies and materials have emerged, and high resistance diaphragms, multifunctional fresh-keeping films and sterile packaging films have developed to a deeper level; Flexible plastic packaging is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging materials, which has become a new development hotspot; Bag making and printing technology have reached a new level

it is reported that there are 184 BOPP production lines in China at present, with a production capacity of nearly 1.9 million tons. The annual output of BOPP films has increased by more than 15% on average, and all kinds of BOPP films basically meet the domestic market demand; In 2003, the BOPET industry developed rapidly, with a total of 30 operating production lines, a design production capacity of 143550 tons and an actual output of 126690 tons

it is reported that the output of synthetic resin in China's plastic industry ranks fourth in the world after the United States, Germany and Japan; Plastic machinery is the world's largest producer; The total output of plastic products exceeded 24 million tons, becoming the second largest producer in the world

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