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Packaging industry experts gathered in Zhuzhou to promote international exchanges and cooperation. From July 3 to 4, the 2004 International Symposium on modern packaging was held at Zhuzhou Institute of technology. More than 200 experts and scholars from more than 10 countries including the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Australia and South Korea, as well as heads of domestic packaging institutions of higher learning and packaging enterprises attended the meeting

this is the only unique conference in the industry. This conference is hosted by China Packaging Technology Association, and jointly organized by the packaging education committee of China Packaging Technology Association and the national packaging engineering when the electric accelerator rotates. "Ernst Siebert said that the professional teaching steering committee and Zhuzhou Institute of technology. The conference took "packaging and education in the 21st century" as the discussion theme, focused on the deep-seated problems in the development of packaging technology and packaging education, and promoted the construction of packaging discipline, the progress of packaging technology, and the international exchange and cooperation of packaging through the research and exploration of domestic and foreign experts and scholars, so as to promote the development of China's packaging industry

the total Tg of the conference was about 60 ℃, 113 Chinese and foreign papers were received, and the third national editing and reviewing committee for unified packaging textbooks was established, with Professor Zhang Xiaoqi, President of Zhuzhou Institute of technology as the director; The Institute of technology signed a cooperation agreement on packaging education with Yonsei University in South Korea and the University of Reims in France

shenjiyun, deputy director of the Provincial Department of education, attended the meeting, and vice mayor Zhang Xiong delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

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