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Packaging helps medicine enter a new era of emotional marketing

like other industry marketing, pharmaceutical industry marketing has experienced the era of product center, that is, the era of pursuing practicality and highlighting efficacy, which is temporarily called "efficacy era". Then it experienced the era of consumer focus, that is, the era of self pursuit and brand demonstration, which is temporarily called the "brand era". Nowadays, the pharmaceutical field has gradually entered a new era of emotional marketing, that is, through the emotional communication of pharmaceutical enterprises before, during and after sales, to enable consumers to recognize brands, identify products, identify brands, loyal brands, and then continue to expand market share, which can be called the "emotional Era"

then, what are the characteristics of the so-called "emotional marketing"

first, the properties are different. Traditional "after-sales service" is a part of the whole sales link, while "emotional marketing" runs through the whole marketing process

nowadays and even in the future, the research and development of pharmaceutical products pay more attention to the emotional function. This is not to say that the functions of drugs can change, but that pharmaceutical enterprises can make consumers feel the care of pharmaceutical enterprises according to the different needs of consumers, and then produce a sense of dependence. For example, as far as diabetes, a lifelong disease, is concerned, not only is the disease itself very difficult to cure, but also the harm of complications - which can be fatal. Harbin tongyitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has developed a series of drugs for diabetes complications. Although this series of drugs will not bring more economic benefits to the enterprise, through the good efficacy of the series of drugs, patients have more trust in tongyitang related products. True emotional investment will inevitably have corresponding returns

emotional care is not only reflected in the concept and function, but also the outer packaging of products is very important. Modern pharmaceutical products have changed the previous image of "stupid, big, black and coarse", and have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for the sake of patients everywhere. For example, the portable drug travel clothes, the lively and lovely cartoon children's clothes, and the enlarged drug instructions for the convenience of elderly patients, all reflect the care of drug treatment enterprises for consumers

emotional appeal regularly checking whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source is an effective way to quickly let consumers accept the product. After letting consumers know the efficacy of the product, whether it can stir the heartstrings of consumers is the key to determine the sales volume of the product. There are not a few products that use emotional appeals to make a big fuss in the current advertising industry, and there are many successful ones. Human beings are influenced by emotions. In a word, a lifetime of love, a lifetime, a glass of wine, and so on can make people change their views and practices, make good use of human emotions, and maybe you will be half successful! There are too many examples in this regard, such as "filial piety to parents, brain platinum", "love her, give her new skin mite spirit", and "bosom friend, or daughter", and so on

emotional service refers to the process in which marketers use emotional factors to market products in the process of product sales. This purchase capacity. Here, it is mainly emphasized that terminal marketers must strengthen emotional input, strive to be emotional in the marketing process, and persist in being a key link of quality control in the machinery industry. No matter in commercial OTC terminals or in sales service departments (such as after-sales service departments), marketing work should be carried out under the guidance of emotional marketing ideas and the normative constraints of emotional marketing. Implement the enterprise's emotional marketing concept through terminal fraternities or other forms, and enable terminal marketers to patiently and carefully introduce products to consumers through practical incentives, so as to deliver the care of enterprises and products to consumers

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