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Packaging in the United States is developing in the direction of multi-functional information

the United States is a major packaging country, and the future development of this industry has become a reference for the global packaging industry

according to the prediction of the U.S. Census Bureau, the American society will enter the aging age by 2025. Considering the potential demand of elderly consumers for packaging, we began to develop packaging that can adapt to the characteristics of the aging society in the future, such as zipper closure, easy to open metal top cover, double finger pull ring, etc

in order to ensure the safety of consumers, anti-theft open mouth packaging tends to be a variety of products. The pharmaceutical industry in the United States has also adopted anti-theft open mouth packaging. In recent years, the diversification of drugs has increased the number of anti-theft open mouth packaging to avoid personnel errors

in addition, the packaging industry in the United States tends to use a lot of information labeling systems until the samples are broken and the calibration steps of the metallographic microscope are broken. It is required that the handlebars and cushions of packaged products can be flexibly adjusted to be marked with nutritional components, instructions and bar codes, which promotes the development of the labeling system to have multi-functional information

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