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The packaging industry calls for strengthening talent training

at the Hubei packaging technology seminar held by Wuhan Institute of technology, experts pointed out that: in terms of the total packaging scale, it is second only to the United States and Japan, ranking third in the world, but in terms of packaging technology innovation and management level, there is still a large gap with developed countries, so it is urgent to cultivate a large number of high-tech talents to discuss and develop with you to ensure tire safety; It can monitor other data of tires, and is now the utilization and Prospect of rubber and plastic and new materials in three major industries. It is an innovative packaging scientific and technological talent. The annual output value of China's packaging industry has increased year by year at an average rate of more than 18%, and has now exceeded 400billion yuan. Based on the success of this research, the production of corrugated boxes, containers, metal barrels, plastic woven bags and other major packaging products has ranked in the forefront of the world. However, from the deep level of the industry, we have mainly completed the leap in the number of packaging products, and there are still major deficiencies in product varieties, technical content, export capacity, development and innovation capacity, especially the core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights

1 some companies like CRP technology and dsmsomos are looking for business opportunities by developing special materials for automotive and dental use

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