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Packaging helps household appliance enterprises take off (II)

moderately reduce the consumption of cardboard

optimize the original packaging box structure and reasonably adopt new packaging structure, which not only reduces the consumption of corrugated cardboard, but also has great environmental significance. Today, with the rising price of base paper, this is really a good way to control the cost of cartons

typical cases

according to the data, lamps and lanterns rank second among the 10 most vulnerable product packages, second only to small household appliances. How to package products is a difficult problem, which has been puzzling the enterprises producing lighting products. The difficulty of packaging is mainly reflected in the following three points: first, lighting products are very fragile, which puts forward high requirements for the protection performance of product packaging. Secondly, due to the low value of the product itself, if the packaging cost is increased by overemphasizing the protective performance, some gains are not worth the loss. Third, lighting is people's daily consumer goods. If low-cost and strong packaging is used and the appearance is ignored, the market competitiveness of shelf sales will be reduced. Enterprises also need to take into account the aesthetics and showability of packaging at the same time

in view of the particularity of the packaging of lighting products mentioned above, various enterprises have put forward corresponding solutions, such as some enterprises exchange the increase of product damage rate for the reduction of packaging cost within the scope of not affecting the brand image, etc. How to meet these established requirements and effectively control the packaging cost has become the goal of every lighting product manufacturer. The damage rate of Philips Lighting products is basically controlled at about 5/10000, and a highly textured fluorescent effect is added to the outer packaging and printing, which is very popular with consumers. At present, Philips focuses on how to further control the cost in packaging. At present, it is mainly achieved through two ways: one is to select low gram weight packaging materials, and the other is to design a simple and less material packaging structure

Philips has a set of scientific box structure design, so that enterprise packaging designers have a lot of reference schemes. Philips Lighting packaging design department mainly tests through a series of packaging experiments, and there is no specific quantitative index. In terms of simplifying the structure, the method of reducing packaging materials (such as simplifying the barrier) was initially adopted to take whether it can pass the drop test as the standard. The latest packaging structure improvement is to remove the tea board paper used to enhance the corrugated strength from the corrugated board, and change the corrugated E-board to b-board, which increases the height of the corrugated board and improves the compression and seismic resistance of the corrugated board. Under the condition of reducing the use of materials, the strength remains unchanged, so as to naturally achieve the purpose of reducing the cost

the corrugated shape is getting smaller and smaller, and the micro corrugated box is selected

in recent years. Micro corrugated has gradually become a new favorite in the corrugated board family. Because the corrugated shape of micro corrugated is smaller, its bearing strength to plane pressure and parallel pressure is higher than that of large corrugated shape, which is both safe and firm, and reduces the freight and cost due to its light weight

typical case

previously, the 6-inch and 8-inch small refrigerators produced by Guangdong Kelon Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. used CB corrugated packaging boxes, and the printing method was offset printing. However, it was later changed to be corrugated box, and the printing method was also changed from offset printing to flexographic printing. The corrugated shape of the packing box and the printing method have both been changed, which has reduced its comprehensive cost by about 15%. At present, the packaging boxes are printed in four colors. The surface paper is Finnish Coated Whiteboard with good smoothness and excellent printing effect. The ink is water-based ink with strong friction resistance and water resistance. After printing, the ink is thick and lustrous. Finally, UV varnish is applied to improve the moisture resistance of the cartons

as a world-famous IT manufacturer, BenQ added in its various products, "but the products all use micro corrugated packaging, such as the keyboard and optical mouse set" unparalleled double pride " E-box is used, and F-box is used for single mouse packaging. Compared with solid paperboard, low gram weight, high-strength micro corrugated cartons with such ultra small carbon nanotubes have better cost performance, so the packaging cost is more economical and reasonable

according to the person in charge of BenQ, under the same use conditions, micro corrugated packaging can save 20% of the packaging materials compared with ordinary corrugated boxes because of its low gram weight and high strength performance, and it also conforms to the current development trend of "lightweight" packaging. BenQ related people said in an interview that micro corrugated packaging has many advantages, and it will be promising in the future when digital products need to use constant speed tensile testing machine packaging, so it has won the favor of BenQ

optimize the carton door type Brinell hardness tester to meet the three-axis x, y, z direction adjustable paper distribution

the market price of core paper and corrugated paper is much lower than that of the face paper and lining paper of the cardboard. Appropriately increase the gram weight of core paper and corrugated paper, reduce the gram weight of face paper and lining paper, and make the paper distribution of corrugated carton "light weight of face paper, heavy weight of core paper", which not only reduces the cost of cardboard, but also greatly improves the compressive strength of the carton Performance indicators such as burst resistance reduce factors such as deformation and damage of cartons during storage and transportation, further strengthen the protection of cartons for the whole machine, and reduce various costs caused by replacing cartons at all sales points

typical case

the effectiveness of CRT TV in the era of color TV is obvious to all. When the era of high-definition TV comes, the design, procurement, production, packaging, storage and transportation of color CRT TV have been developed quite well. Taking 21 inch color TV as an example, its price has been reduced by about 70% compared with the initial stage. In the face of such brutal competition, TCL regards providing customers with high-quality and low-cost products as an important means for us to maintain our advantage in the competition. Similarly, for the packaging cartons that account for a large proportion of the cost of the whole machine, after careful analysis of customer needs, storage and transportation conditions and industry conditions, TCL believes that with the increasing expansion of containerized circulation, the focus of carton protection has shifted from anti-collision to compression resistance. Therefore, TCL company starts from design, materials, procurement and other aspects, widely collects all kinds of data, goes deep into carton manufacturers, and carefully studies carton performance, paper distribution, production technology And gradually take a series of measures according to the actual use of cartons to make its cost composition more reasonable

the specific methods are as follows: according to the current industry situation, in recent years, the requirements of countries around the world for the paperboard distribution of corrugated boxes have gradually tended to "light weight of face paper and heavy weight of core paper". Strengthening the weight of core paper can greatly improve the compressive strength of cartons, reduce the deformation and damage rate of cartons in the process of storage and transportation, so as to further strengthen the protection of cartons for the whole machine and reduce various costs caused by the replacement of cartons at all sales points. When determining the paper distribution requirements of each model, TCL selects the appropriate safety factor of the carton according to the manufacturing conditions of the carton (including the quality of base paper, cardboard structure, printing layout, etc.) and logistics conditions (such as storage time, ambient temperature, means of transportation, loading and unloading methods, as well as the stacking height and stacking method of packages in storage and transportation, etc.), and then calculates the required compressive strength of the corrugated carton, The unit length value of the compressive strength of corrugated paperboard is backward introduced. Finally, professional manufacturers are invited to cooperate. Considering the origin and performance of the base paper, the structural form of corrugated paperboard, etc., the technical configuration of the paperboard is determined and put into use after actual testing and verification. Reasonable paper distribution not only improves the compression resistance of cartons, but also reduces cost waste, so that cartons achieve the best cost performance ratio

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