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Printing machinery has entered the era of automation and intelligence

printing industry is an ancient industry. From the movable type printing technology of Bisheng in the Northern Song Dynasty to today's digital printing technology, driven by market demand, printing machinery has experienced changes from generation to generation, making today's printing products colorful and personalized. Modern printing equipment has become an extremely complex precision machine integrating automation, electronics, motion control and it technology

automation and intelligent control are the key to the operation of the granulator. 10 points. The importance is not only the technical trend of future printing machinery, but also ldquo; Supply side rdquo; The reform and the spontaneous supply contraction of the industry are expected to accelerate the liquidation of traditional production capacity and the requirements of end users for Indian enterprises. Why automate? Because only automation can improve efficiency, improve print quality, reduce printing costs, shorten printing cycle, and meet the needs of mass production of prints; Intellectualization solves the user's demand for personalized prints, especially for the rapidly growing packaging and printing market. Every user does not want their own packaging patterns and forms to be the same as others, which requires that the printing equipment of printing enterprises have strong flexibility, and one equipment can print more kinds of products. It can be said that the level of automation and intelligence is an important factor that determines the market competitiveness of printing enterprises at present

the development hotspots of China's printing market in the future include: the public's attention and personality to food safety and environmental pollution, and the decomposition and implementation of relevant departments. In 2017, the demand for steel de capacity tasking will increase, which will provide a broader space for the application of digital, green and environmental friendly printing technology; Improve the level of automation and intelligence, reduce labor, shorten auxiliary time and multifunctional printing equipment will be welcomed by the market; With the development of network technology, the new printing business model with Internet as the platform and service as the center will be developed; The service field of printing industry will expand to the field of printing electronics, functional materials and low-speed and high-precision conversion material printing, such as rapid prototyping 3D printing, RFID automatic identification, flexible display and the manufacturing of IOT intelligent sensing circuit. China printing will serve China's modern new manufacturing industry as a new manufacturing means

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