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The best printing method (Part 1) <140 UPVC pipe fittings for building drainage/p>

e-book e-newspaper is likely to replace the current paper books and newspapers in the future. Electronic packaging and virtual packaging are unlikely to appear. The development of various new technologies will not affect the development of packaging and printing, but also greatly promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the country of packaging and printing. For example, the development of computer direct plate making (CTP) can better improve the speed and quality of packaging printing plate making, and better meet the requirements of high quality and short cycle. With the emergence of new technologies and products, the packaging market will be further expanded. In this sense, packaging and printing is a printing industry that will never decline

the basic development trend of packaging and printing is multi variety, small batch, short cycle, high quality and low cost. At present, there are too few packaging enterprises with large scale and strong market competitiveness that can meet the above requirements in China. However, there are many small and whole enterprises with small scale, poor equipment, low technical level and weak competitiveness. Therefore, in addition to enterprise combination, adjustment, expansion of scale, specialization and improvement of management, a very important issue is to step up technological transformation

the new "printing industry management regulations" stipulates that only packaging and printing enterprises can establish wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Foreign funded enterprises, with advanced printing equipment, perfect modern management and abundant funds, know the rules of the market economy better than we do. Therefore, it will form greater competitive pressure on us. Our packaging and printing enterprises are facing not only the competition of domestic enterprises, but also the competition of highly competitive joint ventures, sole proprietorships and international counterparts. Our enterprises must recognize the situation, make good use of their opportunities to further improve and develop, and seek good strategies to accelerate the upgrading and transformation of technology and equipment

then, what technology and equipment should we adopt to transform our enterprise? Let's take a look at the current situation and development prospects of the three major printing methods

offset printing

the main advantage of offset printing is that the printing process and equipment have been developed very well. The supporting raw and auxiliary materials have also been fully mature. Good printing quality and low cost. It has been accepted by printing enterprises at home and abroad. At present, offset printing in foreign countries basically accounts for more than half of the total printing volume. In China, the printing of books, periodicals and newspapers has been almost 100% offset printing. In packaging and printing, more than 800 offset printing machines have been introduced, and many enterprises have not only increased many offset printing machines, but also introduced multi-color offset printing machines with the world's advanced level. Offset printing volume has also accounted for about 60%. Offset printing also plays a leading role in the field of packaging. Both at home and abroad, the proportion of offset printing may decrease for a long time, but its dominant position will not change. Mr. David of "packaging printing and paper processing" in the United States predicted that offset printing will still dominate the field of packaging printing before 2010. But the market share will decline. For China, offset printing will dominate for a longer time. Moreover, with the development of packaging printing, the proportion of offset printing may decline, but the absolute value of printing volume may increase

offset printing is mainly used for printing paper-based materials. Printing on plastic film has many limitations. The printing format of sheet fed offset press can be changed, which is more flexible. At present, the printing format of most web offset presses is fixed. Its application is limited. With the development of technology, web offset press is also constantly improving. Now we have developed a web offset press that can change the printing format. At the same time, we have successfully developed a web offset press with seamless drum. The printing cylinder of this web offset press is seamless, which is the same as that of the web gravure press in this regard

offset printing machines are also constantly improving their printing functions. After improving and adding some parts, corrugated board can be printed. After improving and adding UV drying device, you can print UV when choosing experimental instruments. The above improvements continue to expand the scope of use of offset printing machines in the field of packaging and printing. Offset printing water-based inks will soon enter practical application. Offset printing here is another progress. (to be continued)

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