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Will the printing industry decline comprehensively after 2040

experts predict that the printing of advertising and promotional brochures, leaflets and other materials will increase significantly in the next few years. Most of the materials that need to be produced by the printing industry appear in the form of printed editions, because this is necessary in the field of trade. Banks, stores, car dealers and other sales places have many such prints, most of which are used for promotion

1. By 2020 and even after that, the number of prints of advertising and promotional materials will continue to grow

2. Advertising brochures and Rockwell hardness testers have been widely used in industrial production. Leaflets and advertising catalogues are the most typical advertising printing materials. However, posters, advertising cards and other advertising materials also occupy a large market, and many advertising printing materials do not have competitors in the electronic field

3. There is still a market for brochures in PDF format, but many advertising materials are placed in retail outlets or other places where the anchor screws are fastened for consumers to read. The location fixity of advertising materials makes it difficult for electronic materials to be widely disseminated. It is likely that customers with PDAs with wireless reception can receive these product advertisements when they walk past the exhibition site

4. The main competitor of offset advertising will be the continuously improved high-quality color printing machine. This allows stores and other outlets to print advertising products as needed

5. The requirements of creative design companies for six color printing and other high fidelity color printing methods, as well as degumming and lamination bonding processes will be improved. High quality color printing industry will continue to develop in this century

6. Post processing technology is a major problem for local printing sites. Moreover, the production of folded and bound printing products has been very convenient. Stationery handwritten letters are gradually replaced by e-mail, and the electronic contact between PDA users will increase and affect the production of business cards

finally, digital photos, audio and video information are used for communication. It can be seen that the printing number of envelopes will be reduced in the next 20 years

1. After 2020, the further development of e-mail will affect the printing number of letter envelopes

2. After 2010, digital information will become very common. Eventually, every mobile and PDA can receive electronic information from other mobile and PDAs

3. The printing business of special stationery will slowly decline, because it is part of the company's image, and it is also essential for communication on some occasions

4. Electronic media communication, including voice, is becoming increasingly popular, which will affect the traditional letter/email business communication method that often uses kilogram force to express pressure. Future e-mails will incorporate photos, images and sound information into regular projects

5. The sales of cut blank paper will increase significantly, because more and more printing work is carried out in homes and offices, and the business undertaken by printing plants will be short edition printing

in the long run, the printing industry will not slow down until, and then show a downward trend, but the printing industry will not die out. During this period, toner and inkjet will partially replace ink, because digital printing machines are crowding out the market of analog printing machines. As the dispersion with polymer is not solved, this will lead to the growth of on-demand printing and short edition printing. In the coming years, it will be an inevitable trend for the printing industry to disseminate information to the general public in non paper format

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