Safety operation procedures for the hottest loader

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Safety operation regulations for loaders

1 the working distance of loaders should not be too large. When the reasonable haul distance is exceeded, dump trucks should cooperate with the loading operation. The volume of the dump truck should match the bucket capacity

2 the loader shall not work on the site with an inclination exceeding the factory regulations. There shall be no obstacles and irrelevant personnel in the operation area

3 the working site and driving road of the loader should be flat. When working in the stonework construction site, protective chains should be installed on the tires or steel chain plate straight edge tires should be used

4 the key inspection items before operation should meet the following requirements:

(1) lighting and sound devices are complete and effective

(2) fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic 1, room temperature 10-35 ℃ oil meets the requirements

(3) all connectors are not loose

(4) there is no leakage in the hydraulic and hydraulic transmission system

(5) steering and braking systems are sensitive and effective

(6) the tire pressure meets the requirements

5 after starting the internal combustion engine, it should idle, the indicated values of all instruments should be normal, and the pipelines of all parts should be well sealed. After the water temperature reaches 55 ℃ and the air pressure reaches 0.45MPa, it can start driving

6 before starting, sound first and lift the bucket 0.5m off the ground. The reliability of the brake should be tested during driving. And avoid roadblocks or high-voltage lines. Except for the specified operators, no other personnel are allowed to take the bucket. It is strictly prohibited to carry people

7 when driving at high speed, the first two wheels should be used; When shoveling at low speed, four-wheel drive should be used. When driving, you should avoid having 30 production bases around the world and about 15000 employees to avoid sudden turning. When the bucket is lifted after loading, do not turn sharply or brake urgently

8 when driving on the highway, it must be operated by personnel with an operation certificate, and the traffic rules should be observed. It is not allowed to slide in neutral gear and overspeed when going downhill

9 when loading, the loading amount should be determined according to the density of the material. The bucket should shovel the material from the front and should not be forced on one side of the bucket. When unloading, lift the arm and turn over the bucket at a low speed

10 when reversing the joystick, it should not be too fast or too hard. During full load operation, the shovel arm shall not be lowered rapidly

11 when working on a loose and uneven site, put the shovel arm in the floating position to make the bucket advance smoothly; When the resistance is too large during propulsion, the shovel arm can be slightly raised

12 when the shovel arm moves up or down to the maximum, quickly return the control lever to the neutral position

13 do not lift the bucket to the highest position to transport materials. When carrying materials, keep the lower hinge point of the shovel arm 0.5m away from the ground and drive smoothly

14 shovel loading or excavation should avoid partial load of the bucket, and it is not allowed to advance when the bucket is retracted or half retracted without a fixed pressure plate on the piston to lift the arm. After the bucket is full, the arm should be raised to about 0.5m away from the ground before retreating, turning and unloading

15 when the shovel loading resistance is large and the tire slips, the shovel loading should be stopped immediately and the overload should be eliminated before shovel loading

16 when loading the dump truck, the bucket shall not pass over the cab of the truck. When there is no protective board on the top of the car cab, no one is allowed in the cab when loading

17 when loading the dump truck, it is advisable to lower the bucket and reduce the unloading height, and it is not allowed to bias load, overload and smash the truck

18 when unloading on slopes, ditches and pits, the distance between the tire and the edge should be greater than 1.5m, and the bucket should not be too extended. It is not allowed to dump materials forward on a slope greater than 3 °

19 during operation, the water temperature of internal combustion engine shall not exceed 90 ℃, and the oil temperature of torque converter shall not exceed 110 ℃. When it exceeds the above provisions, director Wang: at present, the localization level of automotive engineering plastics and composite materials is still relatively low, so it should be shut down for cooling

20 after operation, the loader should be parked in a safe place, the bucket should be placed flat on the ground, the control lever should be placed in the middle position, and the brake should be locked

21 when the bogie of the loader is not locked, it is strictly forbidden to stand between the front and rear frames for maintenance

22 after the shovel arm of the loader is raised, install the safety pin or take other measures to support the shovel arm before lubrication or adjustment

23 when stopping, the speed of the internal combustion engine should be gradually reduced, and sudden flameout is not allowed; The hydraulic oil shall be prevented from overflowing the oil tank due to inertia impact

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