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Safe operation procedures for boiler workers (1)

1. Boiling and dosing operation

1.1. After dissolving the medicinal hot water, the total dosage is added into the drum at one time. Before dosing, adjust the water level to the low water level, and then adjust the water level to the highest water level for boiling. Be careful not to add solid medicine into the furnace

1.2 take boiler water from the blowdown point of the header under the drum and water-cooled wall during boiling 5 The electromechanical model yd100l 0.85/1.5kw turns/samples, monitors the changes of the alkalinity and phosphate radical of the boiler water, takes water samples before and after the sewage discharge, and the alkalinity and phosphate radical of the boiler water should no longer change in the later stage of boiler boiling

1.3. The boiling period is 3 days. Keep boiling at 0.1MPa gauge pressure for 24 hours on the first day, and keep it at 0 on the second day Cook for 24 hours under 3Mpa gauge pressure, and maintain 0.1MPa gauge pressure for 24 hours on the third day

1.4. The sewage discharge shall be stopped two days before the boiler boiling, and the last shift on the third day shall discharge sewage every two hours

1.5 after the boiler stops fire, close the smoke and air baffle within 4 hours

1.6 after the boiler stops fire for 4 hours, open the smoke and air baffle for natural ventilation and cooling

1.7. After 6 hours of ceasefire, when the temperature of boiler water drops below 50 ℃, after years of research, more than 10 national patents have been obtained, and all boiler water is discharged

1.8 after the boiler water is discharged, fill it with water, then discharge it and rinse it again

2. Inject water into the boiler and tube

2.1. Open the emptying valve of the drum

2.2. The inlet water temperature should not be too high, and the temperature difference between the water temperature and the drum wall should not be greater than 50 ℃

2.3 strengthen the inspection during the water injection process, deal with the water leakage in time if it is found, and check the automatic control of water level and the high and low water level alarm, and the action should be reliable

2.4 when the water supply rises to the lowest water level, stop the water supply, observe whether the water level changes, and immediately find out the cause if there is any change. If there is no abnormality, continue to feed water to raise the water level to the normal level

2.5. When injecting water into the water heater, stop injecting water when the emptying valve sees water; During water supply and injection, use the make-up pump to inject water from the return pipe. 2. Since the jaws of the hydraulic universal testing machine often use water injection, and vent at the highest point of the pipe at the same time, it is filled with water when water can be discharged. The circulating pump can be started, and the boiler can be ignited only when the circulating pressure is stable

3. Ignition operation

3.1. Open the flue baffle and start the fan for mechanical ventilation for minutes

3.2 ignite the ignition handle, burn it up, send it to the front and bottom of the oil gun nozzle, open the oil inlet valve, and ignite it carefully

3.3 adjust the throttle, throttle and air supply volume according to the combustion condition to make the combustion stable

3.4 after the flame is stable, the combustion is normal, and the furnace temperature rises, draw out the ignition handle 8 Cement consistency tester

3.5. The ignition speed should not be too fast, especially for boilers with large water capacity and poor water circulation, the furnace temperature should rise slowly

3.6. In case of fire extinguishing, analyze the cause and eliminate the fault. Ignition shall be carried out after minutes of forced ventilation to prevent deflagration accidents

3.7. Closely monitor the changes of water level. Properly strengthen ventilation and combustion, and start pressure rise or temperature rise

3.8. If the ignition is not on, immediately cut off the ignition air source, re force ventilation for minutes, and then ignite

4. Boiler pressure rise (temperature rise) operation

4.1. When the pressure of steam boiler rises to 0 When MPa gauge pressure is reached, flush the water level gauge

4.2. When the pressure rises to 0 When the pressure gauge is 15MPa, flush the water trap of the pressure gauge to prevent failure due to dirt blockage

4.3. When the pressure rises to 0 When the pressure gauge is 2MPa, close the upper drum and empty it

4.4 when the steam pressure rises to 0 When the pressure gauge is 3Mpa, check that there is no leakage, and tighten the loose access hole, hand hole and flange connecting screws. When operating, you should be on your side, and the length of the wrench used should not exceed 20 times the screw diameter

4.5 when the steam pressure rises to 0 At 4MPa gauge pressure, conduct a lower water discharge. When the water level drops due to the water discharge, open the feed valve to make up water

4.6. When the temperature rise of the water heater reaches 20 ℃, the blowdown and water flushing shall be carried out once, and the pressure gauge shall be flushed. The normal account opening temperature rise process cannot be less than 4 hours

5. Warm up operation of steam boiler

5.1. First open all drain valves on the steam pipeline to discharge the accumulated and condensed water in the pipeline

5.2. Slowly open the main steam valve of the boiler until it is fully opened, and close it for half a turn to prevent it from being stuck due to thermal expansion

5.3 when you see the dry steam discharged from the drain valve, you can end the pipe warming and close the drain valve

5.4 in the process of warming up, pay attention to check the condition of pipe support and expansion joint. If abnormal conditions are found, stop warming up the pipe, find out the cause, and then continue warming up the pipe after eliminating the fault

6. Combined operation of steam boiler

6.1. When the boiler steam pressure is 0 1MPa, and the boiler can be combined only when the water level is at the normal water level

6.2 after the main steam valve is slowly opened to full open, it should be rotated for half a circle to prevent the steam valve from being stuck due to thermal expansion, and finally close the steam trap

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