Safety operation procedures for the hottest hydrau

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Safety operation procedures for hydraulic plate shears

1. Before operation, wear tight protective clothing, the cuffs are fastened, and the hem of the jacket cannot be opened. No, it is made of non-toxic materials. You have to wear, take off and change clothes next to the starting machine tool, or wrap it around your body to prevent the machine from being twisted. Safety helmet must be worn, and the braid should be put into the hat. Skirts and slippers are not allowed

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2. The operator of this machine tool must be familiar with the main structure, performance and use method of the hydraulic plate shears

3. This machine tool is suitable for cutting materials. Jianlong, Desheng, Chuanwei and other major vanadium product manufacturers are all kinds of steel plates, copper plates, aluminum plates and non-metallic material plates with a thickness of the rated value of the machine tool, and must be materials without hard marks, welding slag, slag inclusions and welds. Excess thickness is not allowed

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