Safety operation procedures for the hottest pneuma

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Safety operation procedures for pneumatic rock drill

1. Before rock drilling, check the integrity and rotation of all components (including rock drill, support or rock drilling jumbo), fill necessary lubricating oil, check whether the air and water routes are unblocked, and whether all connecting joints are firm

2. Knock the side and ask the top near the working face, that is, check whether there are live stones and loose stones on the roof and the second side near the working face, and make necessary treatment

3. The flat blast hole position of the working face should be tamped in advance before rock drilling to prevent slipping or blast hole displacement

4. It is strictly forbidden to drill dry holes, and wet drilling should be insisted. The maximum pneumatic force will be calculated automatically at the end of the test Up Lower yield strength Hysteresis loop method Gradual approximation method Non proportional tensile strength Tensile strength Compressive strength Determine the elongation strength at any point Constant load extension at any point Modulus of elasticity Elongation Maximum value of stripping interval Min Average value Net energy Turn back energy Total energy Flexural modulus Breakpoint displacement x% load Breakpoint load x% displacement Wait, turn on the water first, then the air, and turn off the air first, then the water when stopping drilling. When drilling, operate at low speed first, and then drill at full speed after drilling to a certain depth

5. When drilling holes, the supporting personnel are not allowed to wear gloves

6. When using air leg drilling, pay attention to the standing posture and position. Never press by your body, nor stand under the drill rod in front of the rock drill, so as to prevent breaking the drill rod and hurting people

7. If abnormal sound is found during rock drilling and abnormal water discharge, stop the machine for inspection, find out the cause and eliminate it before continuing drilling

8. When exiting the rock drill or replacing the drill rod, the rock drill can run slowly. Pay attention to the position of the steel drill rod of the rock drill, prevent the drill rod from falling off automatically and injuring people, and close the air circuit in time

9. When using air leg drilling, the top should be firmly supported to prevent the top from slipping and hurting people

4. Operating performance and control system. Zhou Shaoxiong's functions: 10. When using the retracting support of the upward rock drill, you must hold the drill rod to prevent the drill rod from automatically falling and hurting people over the years

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