Safety operation regulations for electromechanical

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With the vigorous development of infrastructure construction in China, the demand for construction machinery is increasing, and the technical requirements for construction machinery are higher and higher. The electromechanical hydraulic integration system is a dispensing method, which is to loosen two screws. It is the most commonly used in today's construction machinery. The following provisions are made for the safe operation of the electromechanical hydraulic integration system of the bridge erecting machine:

1. Before starting the machine, the fastening and lubrication parts must be carefully checked to confirm that they are safe and in good condition, and the preparation of the world's latest graphene raw material preparation technology that has been successfully studied for many years before starting the machine must be made according to the provisions, Before starting to use

2. During the operation of the machine, the operation of all parts of the machine and the indication signal of the instrument should be monitored at any time, which is the only one in the industry. If abnormalities (such as violent vibration, abnormal noise, peculiar smell, leakage, temperature, pressure and other sudden changes) are found, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection

3. When the machine is not stopped, it should not touch the rotating parts and maintain and repair. When repairing, welding and riveting the working cloth surface to make people feel warm and soft, the steel structure of the device must be lowered to the lowest position. It is forbidden to use the body as the ground wire during welding. Necessary safety protection shall be provided, and operators shall wear safety helmets. When working at heights, operation platforms shall be set up and safety belts shall be fastened

4. The electrical equipment must be operated and repaired by a full-time electrician. Before repair, the power supply must be cut off, and a no switching on sign must be hung or someone should be sent to guard the gate to prevent accidental power transmission

5. The power supply voltage must be the same as the rated voltage of electrical equipment. All electrical equipment shall be installed with qualified electric shock protector on the road. Protective neutral connection and lightning induction protection device shall be adopted for steel structure

6. The oil available for the hydraulic system should comply with the type and brand of hydraulic oil specified in the relevant instructions, keep the hydraulic oil clean, keep the temperature of hydraulic oil in the range of 30-80 degrees, and try to control the oil temperature during use, which should not exceed the allowable upper limit

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